Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thinking about Thanksgivings.... 

1959-1966- Philadelphia-- we alternated between our house and Aunt Pat's....
1974, my first as a wife, and the first turkey I'd ever done solo. 1978, My first as a mom, and the ill-fated trip to Philadelphia to my parents' Swarthmore condo ... the saga of Aunt Pat and the Waterford relish jar. and 1 year old George nearly putting my brother Stan in the hospital with a well-placed kick with the white Stride-Right hightop leather shoes my mother insisted he needed to wear. 
1980... the last one I would ever celebrate with my sister, Peg. Three weeks later she would be gone forever.
1983- the beginning of the end of that phase of my life....Michael recovering from his accident, the last one hosting people at the house on Ohio Ave....My parents never spent another holiday in Ohio.
1985--- the first one of many with the Houser-Cable clan.  
Early 90's-- some in Atlanta, the last ones with my Dad....
2000- New Orleans with Michael....  I still smile when I think about that trip. for Mom and Aunt Pat in Florida The road trips to Naples with both of them in tow. One 80 year old backseat driver is a challenge, two was grounds for alcoholism. 
2003- Pittsburgh with Ed and Gail... they probably don't know how important that trip really was to me... I was hanging on by a thread

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