Saturday, October 04, 2008


Post Debate Thoughts

Well it's over, you betcha. (wink wink)

Sarah sure is a maverick, huh? (wink wink) Oh, not in the sense of an iconoclast or revolutionary thinker, but in the original sense of the word--She's an unbranded cow, her origins murky and her fate in the hands of whomever lays claim to her.

You know, I'm going to a kids soccer game in the morning, and I bet if I asked any parent there with an IQ over 70, they'd tell me she's an insult to professional women everywhere. (wink wink)

It was clear that she was coached by W's debate people--- he can't pronounce nuclear, either.

If I were Geraldine Ferrarro, I'd want to bitch slap her. If I were Hillary Clinton, I would do it. Oh, I'd make it look like an accident, but I'd find a way.

And I'd like to give a shout out to the kids in my grandson's second grade class.... He asked me tonight what a Vice President did.... and I told him even if he didn't know the answer for another 35 years, he could probably be one some day. But just in case he wanted to be, he'd better learn to wink. Apparently, that's a primary job skill.

In truth, she wasn't as awful as I expected her to be. She reads and memorizes answers well.
But as a former competitive debater and debate coach, it was clear to me that that is exactly what she was doing.

Her cutesy mannerisms and folksy BS got on my nerves, and if this was a scholastic or collegiate debate, my notes on the session would have told her to leave the coquettishness and simpering at the door, to show the opponent and the moderator some respect, and act like a professional asking for a $100K/yr job, not the head cheerleader trying to get elected to prom queen.

(Jayzu, even ninth grade debaters would have known to tell Katie Couric that they read Time, Newsweek, US News, the Wall Street Journal and the NY Times and Washington Post. )

Here's the thing, Sarah (can I call you Sarah?) I know you think your constituency is "Joe Sixpack"-- --but you're asking for a job that's the professional equivalent to the vice presidency of a multinational corporation.... and there aren't a lot of folksy Hockey Moms and good-old-boy Joe Sixpacks in those board rooms.

You probably were a pretty good mayor. You might have been a decent governor to one of the smallest states in the union (by population, not land mass). But you're completely out of your league now, sweetie. You're asking for a job that will frequently make you a most visual representative of the US, and I can't help wondering if you are even vaguely up to the challenge. Your unrehearsed speech is often all but incoherent, and you clearly don't understand the background or nuances of many of the issues a VP is asked to deal with.

I'm afraid to say that you make Dan Quale and Spiro Agnew look like geniuses, Sarah. At least they didn't think everything could be (lip) glossed over with a wink and a smile. You betcha.

Thursday, October 02, 2008


OK, I admit it....

Sarah Palin bugs the ever-loving crap out of me.

She reminds me of all the small-minded, self-righteous bozos I have spent a lifetime avoiding,

It's not just her stance on a woman's right to have control over her own health care. It's not just because she thinks shooting animals from helicopters is a fine way to spend a family outing. It's not because she thinks that governmental censorship of ideas is not a gross abuse of the First Amendment. It's not because she shares a scary us-and-them mentality when it comes to people with different belief systems than her own. It's not just because she hasn't a clue what is happening in the world beyond the borders of her small-town existence.

It is because she is closed-minded, ill-informed, and ignorant--- and she's so damned proud of it.

From day one, I have found her snide "humor" and smarmy BS irritating, but the more I hear her, I realize that she is not the clueless deer in the headlights that so many in the media would have us believe--- she's a socially (if not politically) savvy little witch who is using her gender to get away with things that we would not tolerate in a male candidate for half a second.

The Katie Couric interview was just plain sad. Palin's an insult to all the bright women in and out of politics who are far more qualified to speak to and for the American people.

I hope Joe Biden hands her her head tonight, but I'm afraid he won't.

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