Thursday, February 02, 2012


Another try

It's another new year.

I didn't blog last year.

I didn't fix myself.

What's the line? "It was the best of times and the worst of times."

I worked, spent time with family and friends, mourned the loss of the last family member of my parents' generation, reconnected a little with my oldest brother, photographed a friend's wedding, got to know my new daughter-in-law a bit, began to develop a real relationship with my granddaughter. I didn't take a real vacation.

I spent a lot of time in St. Louis, a little in Indianapolis, Knoxville, Pittsburgh, San Diego, Cleveland, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Dallas, Tampa and some other places that work took me.

I didn't spend enough time on beaches or in forests. I spent too much time in airports and hospitals.

I cooked more, but ate less. I bought a new bed that I really like, but almost never sleep in.

I think of myself as open-minded and curious....and open to new experiences....I read a lot of books, learned a lot of new technology, tried many things "just because" .....but I didn't manage to conquer and eradicate the bad old habits that keep me too closed off from others. Maybe that's an unrealasistic expectation at my age, but it still makes me feel sad.
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