Thursday, November 30, 2006


Been Remiss About Posting

My life has been insane for the past few months, and I haven't been posting to the blog very regularly... and I've barely taken the Nikon out of the case in months.

The good news is that that's likely to change soon.... after three months of living in hotels and posting via laptops and with --shall we say "less than optimal" internet options, by this time next week the new and improved Mothership (my desktop computer system) should be back up and running. While I was waiting for my new office to be finished, I did some upgrades--a better graphics card, more memory, and wireless network, a new printer, dual flatscreen monitors, and I'll probably replace that annoying Microsoft wireless keyboard of mine that has never worked properly if there's an ad for a decent one in this week's newspaper.

I will not only have the most gorgeous desk in 12 counties, but it will (almost) be the system of my dreams.
Like all of the other wood pieces I've purchased for the new place, it is all about the details....It's really beautiful.... inlaid cherry parquet.....I've come to a point in my life when I not only can afford beautiful things, but I actually believe I deserve them.

But at the moment I'm in a Hampton Inn that is apparently stuck in 1984-- neither the wired nor wireless internet connection in my room works worth a damn, so I'm sitting in the lobby posting via AOL and a boat anchor P2 with 500MB of RAM. I guess it could be worse. It could be Prodigy on dialup. But the demographic here is quite likely more pleasure than business travelers-- or there'd be a riot in the lobby by now.

Ah, the glamour of life on the road. Bad salads in airport Chili's, rubber egg patties for breakfast, and carrying a laptop that you can't use, because the prehistoric desk clerk refuses to understand that "limited or no connectivity" and 2 bars out of 6 is not an acceptable wireless connection.

I need sleep so I can check out of this tourist haven in the AM and move to a grownup hotel, where people who work for a living stay.

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