Sunday, December 17, 2006


Cake Time!!

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Mike and the boys...

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Standing up for himself!

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The gang!

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Safari Sam

Dropped by to say Hi! Posted by Picasa


Lightning McQueen

made a guest appearance Posted by Picasa


The theme was..what else.. CARS!!

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All (Birthday) boy

Brendan and buds celebrate his 6th Birthday Posted by Picasa


Geez, how long is THIS going to take?

Clothes, girl toys and no cake yet. Boooorrrrr---ing. Posted by Picasa


George and Olivia

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Quit telling everyone I look like Curious George! Posted by Picasa


Olivia's favorite toy....

is Daddy!!! Posted by Picasa


Baby dolls and Chapstick

Livvy is definitely a girly-girl Posted by Picasa


Princess on her throne

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Olivia and Bear in her new chair

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Hey, George... I have toes!

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Uncle George and Nathan

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Birthday Girl

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Oh... other people get some, too?

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FROSTING!!!! Posted by Picasa


I think I'll just ...

...have a taste while I'm waiting.... Posted by Picasa


There are animals on my cake!

"Blow candles???" Posted by Picasa

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