Wednesday, May 30, 2012


My Annual Travel Rant

Monday was Memorial Day. Schools will be letting out for the summer soon. Families will be taking vacations. 

Lots of those families don't travel by air very often. Here is some advice that will improve the experience for both you and your fellow travelers. 

Traveling with Young Children


Food and Drink

  • Fluid restrictions are a pain, and the end result is $3 bottles of water in airports. Clip an empty water bottle to your carry-on and fill it from the drinking fountain --- they have nifty ones with Brita filters in them that even make the water taste decent. 
  • Granola bars and trail mix (preferably the kinds without chocolate) raisins and Goldfish crackers make great travel snacks. (Small, non-messy, resistant to crushing.) Anything melty, sticky, smelly, drippy or complicated does not work well. And that includes the Cinnabons the size  of a roast chicken sold with extra dipping icing in the airport. 
  • Airport food is getting better-- but that means that most of it is a lot like the food court at your local mall. Too fried, too greasy, too few veggies. There are actual restaurants in larger airports, but the selections are limited. Know this in advance and plan accordingly. 
Kids Traveling Alone

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