Thursday, May 31, 2012


Lifestyles of the Non-Rich and Non-Famous

I am thinking about lifestyles today.

Mine seems awful to a lot of people. Many others think it sounds vaguely glamorous.

The reality is that it is neither, and both, and many other things.

My life is screwy.  I miss walking on the beach at sunrise and sunset. I often think that I would like to have someone to walk on that beach at sunrise and sunset with me.... but who would put up with me being gone 80% of the time and exhausted or preoccupied the other 20%?   

My grandson thinks I have a cool job. And I kind-of do. I usually love it more than I am frustrated by it. It works for me, most of the time. But everything has trade-offs, and there are days when the personal cost overbalances the professional satisfaction.   

I think they call that life. 

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