Friday, May 08, 2009


Oh, Canada

Canada's been on my mind since the last trip to Shanghai. (I had layovers in both Toronto and Vancouver). When it turned out that I was going to make a trip to Toronto, I decided to treat myself to a side trip to Niagara. Good move.
No Motel 6--I'm here during the "shoulder" season, and the rates are reasonable, so I booked a falls view room on the 22nd floor of the Marriott, (the price difference between a parking lot view and a falls view was minmal) and the view of both the American and Horseshoe (Canadian) falls is freaking amazing.

Now, let me tell you about NF, CA. There are several decidedly different ways to do this. If you like crap and/or have small kids who need to be "entertained" there is the whole Clifton Hill scene-- the wax museums, miniature golf, water parks, Ripley's, yada yada. Not my scene. (Have a great time if it is yours.) But at the other end of the falls is the grownup scene--nice restaurants, the casino, elegant shops, gorgeous views, ----less honky-tonk and Mickey D's and more brie and chardonnay. And in between is some of the most beautiful natural scenery, a gorgeous botanical garden, and a fair amount of history to be learned (and/or re-evaluated from a more mature viewpoint.)

Tomorrow is my seriously touristy day-- The last time I was on the Maid of the Mists I was in grade school, so I decided I absolutely positively had to do it this trip. I feel about 10 years old.... I got my car out of the hotel garage and tried to find some of the places I remembered from my first trip here with my parents when I was a kid. Alas, the "famous" Fox Head Inn and restaurant with the horrible food burned down in the 60's. (a family joke for years! Dad called it the Fox's Butt-- well, he didn't say "butt"-- Dad was rather colorful! ) The German restaurant seems a lot more Disney-fied than I remember it being, and the reviews on line aren't encouraging so I decided to pass, but it is still the same place with the same owners. Since I was driving East, not West, I didn't come through as much rural PA, but I'm keeping my eyes open for Goats Milk Fudge and that ungodly sweet maple candy. I remember loving it. A friend sent me some as a joke a couple of years ago--- ugh~ what was I thinking?

Going to clean up a little and hit the casino after dinner. I don't really gamble, so it will be more in the nature of people watching--- and perhaps a Mother's Day nod to my own Mom who LOVED slot machines.
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