Monday, May 12, 2008


Sunday: Valley of the Moon

They call this part of Sonoma and Napa Counties "the Valley of the Moon"-- which I find outrageously romantic-sounding. In truth, it is miles and miles of vineyards, the odd ranch with horses or cattle, an astronomical number of rose hedges, all surrounded by mountains that are deceptively "soft and friendly" looking- (Having decided to drive/hike to the top of one of them, they're a great deal steeper and less human-friendly than they look.)

Also took a trip to Glen Ellen (home of both wine and Jack London) ... Um, nice, but not someplace I'd rush right back to. First of all, I hesitate to admit that I never really liked Call of the Wild and White Fang, or any of the rest of London's stuff. Uber-macho like Hemingway, but without Hemingway's understated intellect. But, because my younger son has this thing about wolves, I thought I'd go see if I could find some cool wolf thing. Though my visit to the local historial society did introduce me to a topic I might want to explore more fully: early women vintners in Califiornia.

Fewer pictures than I'd like-- great scenery, but finding someplace to take the photos FROM was a challenge. It was, after all, Mother's Day, and there was more traffic on California 12 than I'd have liked. But there are a dozen or so images HERE

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