Sunday, May 11, 2008


Friday: Point Reyes

After I left Muir W0ods, I drove along the PCH to Point Reyes.

There were 1000 OH MY GOD moments between the 2, but, unfortunately, no place to pull over to get out the camera. I never wished more for a driver!

But when I drove all the way out to the lighthouse (which was closed) I certainly wasn't disappointed. Not only was the scenery incredible, but Mother Nature delivered up some special treats: A newborn calf being watched over by his Mama at one of the Point's 8 working dairies, a long line of cows creating a traffic jam on the Point's one and only road, and a group of at least a dozen deer cresting the hill and heading for the tall grass.
But the wind was picking up and it was getting brutally cold, so I reluctantly headed back inland toward Sonoma.

See the pictures HERE

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