Sunday, December 17, 2006


Geez, how long is THIS going to take?

Clothes, girl toys and no cake yet. Boooorrrrr---ing. Posted by Picasa

I could not have enough of your writing, so I read almost all your entries, from the beginning, past months I mean.
I am not impress with your photography, do not mind me, I may not be sensitive enough to nature or other people's babies. The cute is just cute. The most amazing thing I have seen in a plants environment was a leaf, big one, which had drawn on it a branch with tiny leaves. It was like the big one was protecting itself by inducing in the whatever animals feeds on her (it) the idea that she (it) is somebody else, not tasty at all.
And children are cute, period. My middle one said when she was 5, to her older sister: "Common C, let's eat with willigness and disgust, so mom will let us play outside!"
Willigness and disgust, cute to remeber.
Anyway, I am flabergasted to discover that intelligent women still exist. I like you and I think you have a lot of honesty, but you are not sincere all the way. I am not too. This is why I cannot be a writer. And it paines me. If you ever attempt real writing, which you should, let the guard down.
I photograph what appeals to me... what speaks to me on levels that may not be immediately apparent to others.

The four kids seen here most often are important to me. I try to capture more than the posed "smile for the camera" moments-- the moments when they are most themselves.

As to the other photographs-- I shoot things because they please me. Many folks like them-- others do not. I'm fine with that. The photographs of others don't always resonate with me, either. Of Ansel Adams photos, it is the ones of Manzanar, not the famous ones of mountains, that touch my soul.

I shoot animals because doing so often challenges what we define as "human." Do chimp and orangutan mothers behave any differently than suburban soccer moms? Do wolf siblings scrap and play differently than brothers and sisters on city streets?

But the writing? Ahh.. you're right, that is censored...As someone who posts as "not my real" ought to know, there is a price to be paid for being completely open on the internet... and it is one I'm not willing to pay.
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