Monday, May 29, 2006


Sunny Days

Spent the weekend with my family and friends, and it reminded me how much I need to do this, in order to preserve my sanity.

Brendan is five and a half, and, frankly, coping with all the changes that Nathan has brought to his life with as much grace as can be expected from a child his age. He is alternately thrilled by his new baby brother and annoyed because he feels a bit displaced at times. We saw a little more griping and temper than is usual for him, caused, most likely, by the fact that everyone in the household is a bit sleep deprived right now.

But little boys' moods change like the weather, and he can shift from distressed to delighted in a heartbeat. Here, he and I were playing with a childhood staple-- bubbles! But his approach was decidedly more high tech than mine. I actually thought you had to blow on a wand to make bubbles! Posted by Picasa

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