Tuesday, April 25, 2006


My son, Olivia's father.

There is something so incredible about these 2 together that I have no words adequate to express it. It is more than love, more than tenderness, more than the heart can hold and the mind can describe. It has to be seen.

George, who before Olivia didn't really interact with small children all that much, is utterly fascinated by her, thrilled by the tiniest development, concerned by the challenges she faces... my son the enigma has become SuperDad. He is certainly more passionately involved with her than with anything else ever in his life.

Olivia is the making of George. George is the sun, moon, and stars in Olivia's universe.

OK, most little girls and their Dads have a special bond, but this is somehow...more. Livvy might not have originally been on George's pre-determined life plan, but she is most definitely the best and most precious surprise gift he's ever likely to receive.

Time and change being what they are, it is likely that things will not remain this simple forever. Livvy will grow up and George will need to grow and change with her. Everything I've seen for the past 16 months leaves me with no doubt they're going to be just fine in the long run.

They're both so beautiful it takes my breath away. Posted by Picasa

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