Sunday, April 09, 2006


Face to Face with Bill Cosby

Face to Face with Bill Cosby (click the link to see the images)

Yesterday's shoot was a performance of Bill Cosby at Sea World Orlando.

I have a season pass to Sea World (which is very inexpensive since I'm a Florida resident these days) and a couple of weeks ago, I got a notice
that Bill Cosby would be performing there on April 8.

I hauled myself to Orlando yesterday early enough to get a 5th row seat for the 3PM show.

Lighting was tricky--no Flash allowed and the spots were more than a little harsh, and a tripod was not an option, and the bright white shirt wasn't a big help....but I got a number of interesting shots.

What was kind of interesting was that, while the audiuence was laughing hysterically throughout, even though I shot a couple of hundred images in the 80 minutes, there were very few that actually showed a smile on *his* face.

Old-time Cosby fans would recognize riffs from "Russell...with whom I slept"and "Fatherhood" but his take on Grandfatherhood was largely ad-libbed and completely on the money and very, very, funny. His take on "Time Out,"elaborate birthday parties for 1 year olds, and "modern trends in parenting" had folks from 5 to 80 laughing so hard tears were streaming.

During his discussion of sibling rivalry and birth position (oldest-middle-youngest children) I had to put the camera down because I was laughing too hard to hold it still.

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