Thursday, March 02, 2006


Bless me, father, for I have sinned.......

.....It has been one week since my last blog.

(Only kids who went to Catholic school will get the joke)

Sometimes my life just gets too crazy to cope with..and, for heaven's sake, do I really want to rehash it enough to report on it here?

All together now, "Hell, no!"

That has been my life this past week. Family issues, personal issues, job issues..... the fun just never stopsAnd, trust me, you didn't want to know anyway.
The only ray of sunshine has been the final resolution of the car stuff.

I love having my own car back. So much so that I took it on a short road trip the other day to be sure that everything was working properly before I signed off on the paperwork for the insurance company. The only "issue" was that I have a theft deterrent stereo system and I couldn't find my reset code. A call to Honda customer care resolved the issue, and I now have tunes and books on tape/CD in the car again. Life still is insane, but you take pleasure in the small victories when you can.

The "short road trip" took me to Valdosta, GA... a little over an hour from here. I've put up a gallery of images from Valdosta-- which is a pretty little city just over the state line-- on my Photography page. Posted by Picasa

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