Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Who do you think you are looking at, peasant?

There's no big story behind this-- I came out of the office and started to get into my car... this bird was sitting on the shrubbery beside the parking lot giving me major attitude (but not making any attempt to fly away).

I pulled out the camera in my bag and shot a few frames, and the whole time I was doing this, the bird was hopping and strutting back and forth, giving me the birdy beady eye and screaming his head off. For some reason I was reminded of Tom Cruise, and I felt like a paparazzi.

The minute I got into the car the screaming and strutting stopped, and before I could even get my key in the ignition, the bird flew away--- but not before it hopped up on to the hood of my car, looked in the windshield and gave me one final put upon "Why won't you people give me any peace!" look.

Maybe that's why they call them mockingbirds.

I realize I'm probably way too easily amused, but the whole thing made me chuckle. Posted by Picasa

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