Thursday, February 16, 2006

To a photographer who loves to shoot public art and architecture, Tallahassee is not exactly a goldmine of a location.

While there is some interesting stuff around, it is thin on the ground and, more often than not, it is obscured by or immediately adjacent to something a great deal less aesthetically pleasing. Finding an angle that captures the subject without including dumpsters, parking lots, power lines and fast food logos is one of the biggest obstacles.

One case in point is the war memorial shown here. I'd seen this particular installation for the first time the other day. Ideally, one would wait a few weeks to photograph it when the surrounding trees are in leaf... all that pink granite would look fantastic against glossy green leaves... however, when the surrounding trees are in full leaf not only would the light be even more difficult to manage, (even in full daylight with an incredible sky, overhanging trees keep the sculpture and installation in shadows) but the only clear line of sight would also capture a parking lot for a State office building across the street, and a much less than attractive railroad siding. Right in the middle of the sculpture. Euw. The memorial's official site (with another photographer's pictures that will illustrate the issues) is here

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