Sunday, February 05, 2006


Superbowl XL-- Yawn.

Predictable outcome-- the Steelers won. Not that
I really care all that much one way or another.

I didn't see a single fabulous commercial-- Though
I was pleased to see fewer flatulence jokes and ED meds
advertised than in recent Superbowls. And though
I did like the little Clydesdale and the Dove ad.... they were
"cute" and "wholesome" But what happened to funny?
The Careerbuilder monkeys are OK, but we've seen them.
Kermit and Miss Piggy, Leonard Nimoy, even Fabio... these
are all pop culture references aimed squarely at Boomers--
what about people born after 1960?

And the halftme was just as boring as last year's. Note to
planners: I grew up with Paul McCartney and the Rolling
Stones, but even I know they're old enough to belong to AARP
now. There's got to be someone who is a bit more contemporary
out there... or at least someone who is still actively recording new

Remind me again why we watch these things?

Makes you miss Janet Jackson.

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