Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Seal-ed with a kiss

Well, here I am on Groundhog's Day Eve.

I did nothing of any socially-redeeming value last night except read and sleep, so I'm a little less exhausted than I was yesterday.

Work yesterday was wall-to-wall meetings, and, while it made the day pass quickly, I felt like all I did was read my mail, print the notes for the meeting, find the right conference room, sit and take notes while people rehashed what was in the e-mail, sign off on having seen and read the contents, and wash, rinse, and repeat.

I've finally gotten around to looking at my sea lion images, and it looks like they may need some photoshopping to make them look right-- or at least "right" by my standards.

It was early morning when I was shooting them, and the light was apparently more harsh than I remembered it being. I know that most of them were asleep when I got there (and all of the harbor seals were still sleeping. A sleeping harbor seal is not an aestheically-pleasing sight.) and this guy was one of the few sea lions bright-eyed and bushy-tailed enough to want to hassle the egrets.

It was funny watching them.... the birds would sneak up, ever so slowly and silently, wait until his head was turned, and steal a fish right from under his nose, then fly outta there like a bat outta....umm....the seal compound. They'd perch on some rocks the sea lions couldn't get to and cackle over their victory and eat it. The sea lion would get irked and bark up a storm, push a few innocent egrets off "his" rock, and give the rest the evil eye for a while. The minute he'd relax the larcenous egrets would come back and the process would start all over again. There are more parallels to my working life in that tale than I want to think about.

As Dame Edna would say, "That's all for now, Possums!" Posted by Picasa

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