Wednesday, January 11, 2006


What's With The Camera Again?

Since her dad just called me a couple of hours ago and the other photo published today was pink, I thought I'd publish one of my favorite portraits of the divine Miss Olivia.

This was taken in December (along with about a million others) but I didn't really "see" it until the other day when I was organizing and cleaning up the holiday images on my hard drive.

This one has had a little retouching, as our favorite girly-girl had a little "battle scar" that was detracting from her overall beauteousness.

This kid has such a wonderfully expressive face, and all of my favorite shots of her are not the "big grin for the camera" type but the ones that make you wonder what she was REALLY thinking when I snapped the shutter. I used one of her in a training presentation not long ago... the subject was "learning from your mistakes,"and the look on her face just screamed "Fugeddaboutdit-- it's no big deal, ya know!" It was priceless. Posted by Picasa

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