Saturday, January 21, 2006


What you get for the money

Time was, you could buy a car for under $400-- and a pretty nice one, at that.

Today? The damage to my car from the accident is well over $5,000--- and it still operated. All the glass and the frame was intact....the rear end was gone, the trunk was in the back seat, and both rear quarter panels were history.

I've been waiting a month now for the repairs to be completed. The last estimate was Wed. of last week, but it is now Saturday and the garage hasn't called.... (and they don't work weekends) so I don't expect to see it before next Wed. at the earliest.

In the meantime, I've been driving a rental Jeep Liberty. I hated it at first (I'm so NOT an SUV person) but it's --- well, it's not growing on me, but I hate it a little less than I did in the beginning. It has some terrible blind spots, though, that become glaringly apparent not just in city driving but on the expressway, too. And no combination of mirror settings seems to compensate for them. And yesterday the weather was so incredible.... and I missed my sunroof and my zippy little red car as I hauled down from Tally to Tampa after work last night. Took a different route last night, thanks to the advice of one of the guys from the State....I'm not certain it was any faster or shorter, but at least it was different. There are only so many times you can drive I-10 and I-75 before you have the sucker memorized.

Yeah, on the road again--- this time a fast Tally-Tampa-Orlando-Tally weekend run. Need to do a little business, then will take a Sunday afternoon off to see some animals before I get back to work on Monday. Posted by Picasa

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