Thursday, January 19, 2006


Stagecoach a'comin!

I didn't have quite as much time for amusing myself with my camera in Motown as I would have liked, (too many other responsibilities intervened) but I did manage to steal an afternoon at the Ford on MLK Day while everyone else in town was over at the auto show.
I'm still sorting through the photos. I'm never really sure why you can take 100 images in a couple of hours, but you spend days (and sometimes weeks) making sense of them afterward.

Of course, it would help if I wasn't spending half my life in meetings and the other half trying to resolve a million and one other time-consuming but important personal issues.... Today's roster included dealing with 2 different kinds of insurance companies, the clerk at traffic court, (some miscellaneous paperwork from the accident and a $7.50 fine for having an out-of-date insurance card in my wallet when it happened) phone calls to and from the music school to get Brendan registered and paid up, a couple of calls to and from the garage (no, my car's still not done) some banking and investment paperwork for EOY, a couple of calls from headhunters and a trip to Best Buy to replace the cordless notebook mouse I broke on Monday.

I think I need a personal assistant--- or something. Someone to get all that kind of crap done for me.... and things like groceries, post office, dry cleaning, laundry, etc. Wait, if I were a guy, that would be my .... Euwwww, never mind! I remember what a thankless job that was and I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy.... If the choice is being annoyed by the detritus of modern life or turning someone else into a handmaiden, I guess I'll pick up my own blazers and bagels. It won't kill me. Posted by Picasa

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