Tuesday, January 17, 2006


Fractured Ford Cupola

OK, blame the bad joke on the fact that the Ford Museum was showing clips of American Graffiti when I was there and the fact that my strange little mind makes oddball leaps from time to time...

(Frances Ford Coppola- producer of AG & the cupola on the roof of the Ford Museum broken up by the panes of glass of the skylights...in my head, these things actually make sense)

It was very windy and unpleasantly cold in Detroit yesterday but the sky in the afternoon was a brilliant blue.... and the company was exemplary. No matter how much garbage is going on in the rest of my life, there are certain friends who can help me put it into perspective. That was the larger purpose of my trip this weekend... to get out of town and hang with someone who understands who and what I am, doesn't ask me to be anything else, and manages to like me anyway. Posted by Picasa

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