Tuesday, January 10, 2006


Everyone else has a Blog, why not me?

I never really have the time to update my website the way I'd like to. My life is a little crazy; my schedule never very predictable. And when I have some down time, coding HTML isn't right up there on my priority list with sleep, unearthing someone who gets my somewhat arcane jokes, playing with my cameras, or the seach for a really good manicurist, funky shoes and/or a decent bagel in Tallahassee, FL.

But sometimes I think, "You know, JP, other people might actually want to save themselves some time and prevent a little aggravation... they might actually benefit from knowing what you just stumbled over..."

So I'm going to give blogging another shot. Particularly since Google seems to make it so painless. I tried blogging a while back, but the tool was such a pain that I gave up after a couple of weeks. But even I can manage to click a button that says "Blog This" and rant randomly for a few minutes.

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